The team “Texts and Literature” of the Centre de recherches sur les arts et le langage (CNRS-EHESS) is pleased to announce that its website, “Narratologies contemporaines,” is now online. The purpose of the site over the long term is threefold:

– to present the work of the seminar going by the same name which, for the academic year 2008-2009, is devoted to the relations between fiction and cognition and, for 2009-2010, to the new uses of narrative;

– to increase the visibility of foreign websites in France and the circulation of narrative research carried on abroad as well as the circulation abroad of French research by serving as a platform for information in conjunction with the principal European and North American research centers working in narrative theory;

– to grant transdisciplinary research on narrative its full due, be it by literary scholars or by researchers in other disciplines of the human and social sciences for whom narrative is a fact not to be ignored in the areas of artistic representation, human cognition and cultural transmission.

The website welcomes, inter alia, announcements of colloquia bearing on theoretical aspects of narrative, announcements of publications, interviews, reports on and reviews of books as well as critical debates.

The website’s current editorial board is: Annick Louis, Hispanist, Associate Professor, University of Rheims; John Pier, Anglicist, Professor, University of Tours; Philippe Roussin, French Literature, Director of Research, CNRS; Jean-Marie Schaeffer, Philosopher, Director of Research, CNRS, and Director of Studies, EHESS. The website is managed by Simone Morgagni, EHESS doctoral student.

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