World Congress on the Square of Opposition III
American University of Beirut, Lebanon, June 26-29, 2012

The square of opposition is a very famous theme related to Aristotelian logic dealing with the notions of opposition, negation, quantification and proposition. It has been continuously studied by people interested in logic, philosophy and Aristotle during two thousand years. Even Frege, one of the main founders of modern mathematical logic, uses it.

Some people have proposed to replace the square by a triangle, on the other hand the square has been generalized into more complex geometrical objects: hexagons, octagons and even polyhedra and multi-dimensional objects.

This will be the 3rd world congress organized about the square of opposition after very succesful previous events in Montreux, Switzerland 2007 and in Corté, Corsica 2010. This is an interdisciplinary event gathering logicians, philosophers, mathematicians, semioticians, artists, cognitivists, and computer scientists.

Send a one page abstract to before January 21th 2012. You will receive notification before February 10th 2012.

Any contribution related to the square of opposition is welcome, in particular those dealing with:

  • the history of the square
  • the various interpretations of the square: deontic, doxastic, alethic, modal, semiotical, quantificational
  • the extension of the square to hexagons and other spatial objects
  • applications of the square to psychology, anthropology, computer science, linguisitics, cognition, arts

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