Institut Marcel Mauss

Séminaire du LIAS
“Formes Symboliques”

École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales
105 boulevard Raspail 75006 Paris

(Attention, changement de salle)

Salle 11

jeudi 12 février 2015, 17h à 19h

Przemyslaw Urbanczyk

(chercheur invité à l’Institut d’Etudes Avancées de Lyon)

fera un exposé sur le thème  :

« What may dead bodies tell us about the origins of history, religion and speech? »



Premeditated treatment of dead bodies is specifically human-characteristic. Therefore, it should be asked: why and when has this extraordinary inclination begun? Discoveries of the oldest depositions of dead body fragments and of regular burials prove advanced complexity of the ancient hominins’ brain capacity. This archaeological evidence indicates that our distant ancestors attained ability to reflect on their special position in the multidimensional complexity of the surrounding world.

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