Diagrams 2018 is the tenth conference in the biennial series that started in 2000.

The multidisciplinary nature of Diagrams means it encompasses: architecture, art, artificial intelligence, biology, cartography, cognitive science, computer science,
education, graphic design, history of science, human-computer interaction, linguistics, logic, mathematics, philosophy, psychology, and software modelling.
The conference attracts a large number of researchers from these interrelated fields, positioning Diagrams as the major international event in the area.

Diagrams 2018 will be hosted by Edinburgh Napier University in the UK.
The conference venue is located within a short distance of the UNESCO World Heritage designated-centre of Edinburgh.
This makes the venue an ideal location for delegates to explore the vibrant city, famous for its castle, culture, and history.

Conference dates: 18th – 22nd June 2018
Location: Edinburgh, UK


Deadline for pre-submission: 16th November 2017

Co-located event: International Conference on Conceptual Structures 2018


Diagrams 2018 has various calls, providing a range of opportunities for taking part in the conference.
Diagrams solicits research contributions falling within the scope of the conference, to be submitted to one of three tracks:

Main track: http://www.diagrams-conference.org/2018/home/cfp/116-2/

Psychology of Diagrams track: http://www.diagrams-conference.org/2018/home/cfp/psych/

Philosophy of Diagrams track: http://www.diagrams-conference.org/2018/home/cfp/phil/

In addition, Diagrams seeks to host Workshops and Tutorials:

Workshops: http://www.diagrams-conference.org/2018/home/cfp/workshops/
Tutorials: http://www.diagrams-conference.org/2018/home/cfp/tutorials/

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